The intellectual property protection services are required when you think someone or another business has committed intellectual property infringement. We have a global network that is committed to protecting your intellectual property and can offer cohesive strategies based on thorough research of your market, which are tailored to meet the needs of your business. SLA International offers anti-counterfeiting solutions including, but not limited to, trademark/product counterfeiting investigations. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in making well-informed decisions that will protect your product or invention. Our intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting services are offered around the world, from the Baltics to South Korea, from China to the Middle East, Turkey, and the Americas.

Global Investigations

We have been investigating counterfeit crimes around the world for more than 20 years. The knowledge and skills gained in one of the best security services in the world has helped us organize dozens of criminal and civil raids. We are trained in fraud awareness, negotiation, and surveillance techniques. 

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International Business Consulting

We will advise you on the particulars of successfully conducting business all over the world. Our team of professionals will analyze political, social and economic developments in the region of your interest to minimize risk factors.

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Cyber Investigations

We offer worldwide cyber consulting, analysis and investigations for brand owners, hi-tech companies and financial institutions. Also, we can build the system for protecting your confidential information on high-level standards.

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Intellectual Property Consulting

We offer consultation and investigation services in all types of intellectual property infringement cases. Our experts with industry and business-specific sets of skills will develop a new plan of action to protect your company’s intellectual property rights worldwide.

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Principles of our Intellectual Property Services

Client and Product Confidentiality

We acknowledge the sensitive nature of our work and respect the confidentiality requirements of our clients. Safeguarding your personal information is our priority.

Data Transparency

SLA has built a reputation on trust and transparency. Our clients have access to all data collected during an investigation we conduct.


We offer guidance for businesses all over the world. You decide on the extent of our involvement and determine the terms of our working arrangement.


Our expertise in psychology, business, international relations, law and security, as well as our depth and breadth of the current global market, makes us the best ally for you.


Our multidisciplinary team has been successfully serving a global clientele of major businesses and corporations as well as individuals for more than two decades.


Once you have made the decision to employ any of our services, we’ll guide you every step throughout the process. Your responsibilities are our responsibilities.

We defend your right
to stay authentic and original

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