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Company Overview

SLA International Inc. represents a highly educated (graduates with distinction from the best schools in Russia and the USA) and highly experienced team of business and intelligence professionals skillfully operating in multiple geographical and political environments. Fundamental knowledge in a wide diversity of areas broadens our capabilities, helping us find unique approaches to clients’ issues and utilize nonstandard methods of operation. This is the very basis of our success as well as that of our customers. For over 20 years, we have been conducting and coordinating global investigations and protecting intellectual property for a variety of organizations. 

SLA International Inc. continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. Our immaculate reputation along with our professionalism is our major asset.

The intelligence professionals at SLA International Inc. focus on IP rights and specilize in anti-counterfeiting investigations. We offer IP protection services that ensure your brand is safe and secure. SLA Internationl Inc. can conduct and organize a variety of global investigations which can include, but not limited to, trademark investigations, anti-counterfeting, copyright infringement and cyber investigations.

Our Resources

● Undercover agents
Our qualified undercover agents can be assigned to collect information about potential IP right infringements and intellectual property violations.
● Informers
Informers are creative problem solvers that can disclose information regarding counterfeit or copyright infringement.
● Brokers
Brokers are the mediators among the buyer and seller of intellectual property and assist in facilitating the selling, licensure, or purchasing of IP.
● Licensed Investigators
SLA International Inc. has licensed investigators throughout the world that are accomplished professionals with a extensive experience.
● Information Security Professionals
Information security professionals protect your intellectual property throughout an IP investigation.

How we work

We define global goals, develop strategic plans and make tactic decisions.
● We clearly define the client’s problem
● We gather and analyze information
● We assess the problem and the best ways to solve it according to the client’s priorities
● We always try to predict the results
● We develop the plan of action
● We take action

How can we help you?

Contact us at the SLA International office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Traditional copyright has been that you can’t
make a full copy of somebody’s work without
their permission.

Patricia Schroeder
Politician, congresswoman

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