SLA International History

SLA International Inc. headquartered in New York is the brainchild of the owners of IPR Consulting Ltd., a company which was originally incorporated in Moscow, Russia in 2000 to deliver intellectual property protection and investigative services.

Well known for its innovative techniques, SLA International has been a  property-rights industry pioneer. Our team has received a great deal of publicity in Russia for most of its raids conducted in years 2000-2017. Here are a few examples of the work carried out in the past.

  • 1991-2000 / Hard times in Russia

    A deep crisis occurs in Russia, with change in its governmental system, resulting in a high level of criminal activity and lawlessness. Undeveloped legislation and lack of law enforcement in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.

  • 1994 / Pioneering the practice

    We are the first in Russia to start working on protection of Intellectual Property rights. No legislation or case law on intellectual property yet.

  • 1995 / First clients

    Our first client: Reebok International Limited.
    We start working with one of the best US companies in the area of IP Investigations, Colt Investigations. We also partner with rapid-growing British corporation, CDR International.

  • 1995-2000 / Gaining momentum

    We work for a well-known sports-shoe brand, not only in Russia but South Korea and Indonesia. As a result of our enforcement actions, production of fake sports shoes is almost stopped in South Korea.
    Several major tobacco companies become our clients. The production of fake cigarettes in Russian factories is ended.
    Regular raids and seizures of containers with counterfeit cigarettes are conducted in ports’ warehouses in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Baltics.

  • 2000 / Incorporating the company

    IPR Consulting Ltd is incorporated in Moscow, Russia.

  • 1999-2001 / Expanding international operations

    We determine the places of sale of counterfeit clothes and accessories of luxury brands. We organize police raids and identify locations of manufacturers of counterfeit goods. We work in Russia, China, Indonesia and the Middle East.

  • 2000-2006 / Getting Noticed

    We work on a case involving production of over-run sports shoes for extreme sports. We gather evidence of breach of contract with the brand owner. We work in the USA, Japan and South Korea. As a result, the brand owner stops ordering production of goods from a particular factory. Over-run producers pay damages for breach of contract.

    We start providing service to major manufacturers of home appliances. We confiscate dangerous counterfeit heating devices.

    We conduct confiscation and search of factories producing counterfeit shoe polish, shaving razors and batteries. We work in Russia, China and the Baltics.

  • 2006-2010 / Solid Achievements

    We work for the owner of a brand of clothes for extreme sports in Russia, China, USA, South America, the Middle East, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Based on our information, the supply of counterfeit goods to North and South America is stopped.

    In Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, we discover a supplier of counterfeit clothes to stores located at US military bases certified by AAFES. As a result, AAFES suspends the supplier’s license and liquidates the stores.

    During a dispute, major liquor brand owners vs. Russian Federation on ownership of several well-known trademarks, SLA discovers the export of liquors, resulting in arrests in the USA, North and South America, Russia, Belorussia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Netherlands and Baltics.

  • 2010-2017 / Recognition

    We provide services to a well-known brand in the beauty industry (China).

    We work for major brands of perfumery and accessories.

    Due to SLA’s work, unauthorized distribution of liquors using large European warehouses is deterred.

    Brands of casual clothes become our clients. We conduct raids in Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and China.

  • 2017 / Head office in New York

    We expand our business, establishing a head office in New York.

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