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    IP Protection

    With our head office located in New York, SLA International is a team of intellectual property professionals that are devoted to securing your intellectual property and investigating potential intellectual property infringements. We manage and organize a variety of IP services including, but not limited to, counterfeit product investigations, trademark protection services, trademark investigations, parallel trade, anti-counterfeiting, brand enforcement, and cyber investigations.

    At SLA International, we provide a collaborative and communicative environment, in which we utilize our efforts to protect your intellectual property. Our processes include engaging with the client and providing personal one-on-one attention. The extensive knowledge of psychology, international law, cyber security, and international business consulting has made SLA International the team of highly educated and well-experienced company representatives to select and assist you in protecting your intellectual property.

    Trademark infringement, patent infringement, and copyright infringement are some of the most common violations of intellectual property. We seek to reduce the amount of these violations by increasing cyber security for your business, investigating any potential intellectual property infringements on a global scale, and international business consulting. Though avoiding some kind of intellectual property infringement is difficult, SLA International strives to fulfill the necessary methods of operation to alleviate any issues that might arise.

    We have succeeded in developing a history of quality customer service, which has produced a reputation for confidence and a long list of references. We plan, prepare, and take time to analyze data to become the best ally for anyone who has been victimized by fraudulent reproduction or IP infringement.