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Intellectual Property Services

Focused on fact-based intelligence, SLA International provides exceptional services dedicated to intellectual property rights protection of clients, assisting them in making informed decisions. We help organizations worldwide deal with counterfeiting, piracy and infringements. With our professional guidance, you can prevent, mitigate and respond to political, integrity and security risks in complex and often hostile environments.

We are working globally, from Baltics to South Korea, from China to the Middle East and Turkey, and in Americas. In the US we are working through our network of private licensed investigators. SLA International provides a plethora of intellectual property services including, but not limited to, brand enforcement, counterfeit products, parallel import goods, trademark counterfeiting, and more.

We offer specialized sources and investigative tactics that allow our global investigators to devise a support strategy that will protect you brand, trademark, or any other intellectual property your business wants to protect and give a detailed analysis in your market and how to prevent intellectual property or product infringement.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Our intellectual property consulting service or IP consulting for short helps businesses worldwide protect their authenticity.

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Global Investigations

Our company has been a part of the worldwide anti-counterfeit fight for over two decades. During this time we have successfully led investigations to uncover fake goods

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International Business Consulting

Execution is the single most important part of the whole process, poor execution can result in a lot of lost time and money.

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Cyber Investigations

We offer worldwide cyber consulting, analysis and investigations for brand owners, hi-tech companies and financial institutions.

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International Business Consulting

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    Traditional copyright has been that you can’t
    make a full copy of somebody’s work without
    their permission.

    Patricia Schroeder
    Politician, congresswoman

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