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Our intellectual property consulting service helps businesses worldwide protect their authenticity. Intellectual property theft, be it counterfeit or piracy, has the power to fatally damage brand identity and lead to serious financial losses.
In order to guard your company against such a scenario and tackle any issues related to intellectual property in an effective and timely manner, we offer a variety of protective and investigative actions. Intellectual property consulting at SLA International seeks to protect and analyze the financial, market, and valuation of your business.

Intellectual property theft is one of the most common crimes today. In their lifetime, almost all major, as well as most well known companies, fall victim to counterfeiting or piracy. That’s why we offer to develop a cohesive intellectual property strategy based on thorough research of your market and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

We are passionate about protecting your company’s interests and guiding you on your way to success. Our research team consists of professionals with a wide range of knowledge who help businesses like yours stay authentic. We analyze the market and assess the risks in real time, helping you make informed decisions. Our consultants will analyze the market for counterfeit goods upon your request.

SLA International has been investigating intellectual property infringement crimes as well as successfully organizing and conducting dozens of criminal and civil raids all over the world for more than 20 years. Deep fundamental knowledge in the field of law, psychology, international relations and global trade as well as our commitment to being innovative, lets us find new and efficient solutions to our client’s problems regarding IP rights.

The global network is one of our critical assets. SLA International has a global network of highly experienced intellectual property lawyers and investigators with a variety of backgrounds and connections around the world to increase our customer success rate in protecting their intellectual property.

SLA’s experts in the field of intellectual property are trained to handle every possible intellectual property related issue, be it local or global. Our region-specific knowledge in law and trade has been successfully utilized in many previous intellectual property infringement cases. We will analyze the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

Intellectual property laws are updated and changed all the time. Intimate knowledge of legislation is a great asset for every business. Being aware of modifications in legislation makes it easier to plan your company’s future and take calculated risks regarding the next step on the way to success.

In addition to SLA’s investigative services, our advisors help businesses maximize their financial results. By combining interdisciplinary expertise with detailed market research and an approach based on innovation, invention and intellectual property, we can design a successful plan of action for every business, global or local.

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Traditional copyright has been that you can’t
make a full copy of somebody’s work without
their permission.

Patricia Schroeder
Politician, congresswoman

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