Why you shouldn’t buy fake goods

Counterfeit is one of the oldest crimes known to humanity. Today it’s a global problem worth billions of dollars. Who doesn’t want to have a nice designer bag, almost identical to the original and just for half the price? Paying 20 dollars for a fake Rolex surely can’t do any harm.

Or can it?

Often the temptation to wear latest fashion goods gets the best of us and we overlook the real risks and consequences attached to this illegal trade.

It’s a crime

Counterfeiting is a global crime which involves the manufacturing or distribution of goods under someone else’s name and without their permission. In short, it’s a theft.

By purchasing fake goods you create a profitable market for counterfeiters.

As if it weren’t bad enough that in this scenario you would contribute to further advancement of their criminal deeds, your actions would lead to rising prices on the original goods.

Companies spend a lot of time and money to defend their rights to their intellectual property fighting back against counterfeiting which in the end makes their merchandise even more expensive. So is it really worth it?


It supports crime

Many people don’t realize it but exploiting original artists and brands might not be the only crime counterfeiters are guilty of. Many of them have thies with criminal organisations worldwide and are deeply involved in money laundering schemes. The working environment of their employees is unknown and often unbearable.


It damages the economy

Counterfeit is an illegal business built on deception. It’s not only companies who lose revenue due to losses in sales,the state is affected just as much. Dealing fake goods counterfeiters obviously don’t pay any taxes and brand owners can’t be taxed for something they didn’t sell.

This financial damage to companies can lead to even more economic problems if companies are forced to let go their stuff due to insufficient funds creating higher unemployment and even more loss in taxes for the state.  


It’s dangerous

Most people are aware of the quality discrepancy between fake and real goods.However what most people don’t know is that there can be worse things about counterfeit merchandise than lousy build.

To be able to offer goods at lower prices counterfeiters often use materials that contain harmful chemicals. Since most ‘fakes’ are produced overseas and smuggled into the country later there is no quality check. This is especially dangerous when dealing with fake food, makeup or toys.

In case of all three falsified products and the toxins within come in close contact with human body and can lead to poisoning,other bodily harms and even to death.


It’s not worth it

What attracts most people to fake goods is the low price. A designer bag for a two digit sum? A bargain! Or is it?
A characteristic all fake products share is their much poorer quality compared to the original.
Unlike big businesses who often become victims in cases like this, counterfeiters aren’t looking to maintain their image but rather want to earn a quick buck. They have little interest in putting out quality replica and consumer satisfaction isn’t something they worry about either.

In short, authentic goods will definitely cost more but at the same time you will be getting a quality product that lasts a decent amount of time. Now that’s how you save money!

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